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About Us

About HRLC

aims to create an enduring platform

Leadership is an essential management function that enables an organization’s resources to increase efficiency and goal achievement. Effective leaders create clarity of purpose, motivate and direct their organizations to achieve their goals.

To make prominent & dynamic leaders, BUP Human Resource & Leadership Club aims to create an exceptional platform to provide the best opportunities to enthusiastic minds who will lead the next generation.

Our Main Focus

Leadership Skills

Becoming a leader will give you the opportunity to lead. It will help you to build leadership abilities that will benefit you in many areas of your life. You'll get the chance to polish your public speaking abilities and gain confidence in yourself as a person. Here you can meet and interact with various people who will help you come out of your shell and grow.


BUP Human Resource and Leadership club helps one to think ahead of time and act on them in anticipation of issues that might occur in future. This helps you to be proactive and fight even with the biggest fights in life and be confident.   BUP Human Resource and Leadership club believe in helping a person to explore themselves in different circumstances and proactivity plays a role here by preparing them for the tough challenges.


Being part of BUP Human Resource and Leadership club  helps in making new friends and meeting new people, it also helps to provide a support network. People from different departments and different batches work as a team and that enhances team spirit and creates scope for new opportunities . It’ll help meeting with friends and peer groups with similar interests. And BUP Human Resource and Leadership club  also helps to get a different insight and perspective.


BUP Human Resource and Leadership club teaches you several new skills whether it's event management, social skills or learning a new skill. One will grow more than they wish to grow. One can discover their passion, new skills and help to experiment in areas of expertise.


Distant leadership

be it close or distant, HRLC focuses on the individuals taking the lead of their life or any kind of wellbeing of the society. HRLC believes in and has worked on distant leadership even in the time of pandemic and will continue to do so in the post-pandemic world. When the environment in the pandemic was frustrating enough, BUP HRLC arranged for sessions where it was discussed broadly how distant leadership works and plays an implicit role in daily life.

Exploring yourself

Understanding your own talents, limitations, habits, and values allows you to identify areas where you might want to focus or grow in order to make the most of your current abilities. You will have the opportunities to learn more about yourself, your goals, and your abilities. You can learn from the experiences of other students and put your prior knowledge to the test. You'll face new challenges here that will allow you to learn more about yourself.

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