Advent HR

AdventHR is the flagship HR-based case competition event where HR enthusiasts across the nation can take part to hone their human resource management skills besides showing their potentials in front of the industry experts. As the judges were selected from professionals who were practicing HR for a couple of years, the event also worked as a platform to engage students with real-world scenarios and also depicted to the experts what kind of expectations they can rely upon their successors. The event was inaugurated in the middle of the CoVid-19 scenario. Due to the pandemic, everything came to a halt and businesses had to move online, including their HR processes. This helped the case of the first session get a specific shape and helped the participants show their potentials and how their talents can generate ideas to adapt to the new normal. The tremendous response and pool of diversified range ideas astonished the organizes but also the judges and others relating to the case and ensured them how capable the future generation of HRs is coming out. AdventHR is simply a case-based event where participants can hone up their human resource management-related skills and other soft skills through multi-levels or multiple rounds. The event is surely a successful one in upbringing future generation Human Resource managers while engaging HR enthusiasts with professionals and helping the students to showcase their potentials through real-life scenarios.

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