The Human Resource and Leadership Club at BUP seeks to be a significant resource for students interested in personal and professional development. Professional life is increasingly full of hurdles. In regards to quality, recruiters are looking for superior interpersonal skills, human resource management skills, and so on. Our goal is to offer students with ample and profound insight into human resource management. We envision communication in such a style that a student can grasp the opportunity to showcase a corporate culture by building an environment that fosters challenges and growth by imitating HR dynamics and dimensionality through club activities. BUP Human Resource and Leadership Club is committed to enhancing its members’ underlying latent potentials via the application of its fundamental values of wisdom, ingenuity, and inventiveness.

To be a part of BUP Human Resource and Leadership Club, to be part of its exciting journey and relish the thrills, wait for Initiation 3.0!

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