Mind Propeller

Mind propeller was the first event of BUP Human Resource and Leadership Club. It was an Intra BUP entrepreneurship idea base competition that successfully helped up with a lot of participation with the enrolment of top-notch judges. 

Mind Propeller has given youths the chance to enhance their insight regarding ongoing business practices around the nation by providing the best platform with immense opportunities. It was aimed to generate new business ideas from the young fresh minds and has also assisted to shape their ideas by interactive live sessions held on BUP premises.  

Mind Propeller was a notable event of BUP HRLC, which included a summit of entrepreneurship to pitch ideas, for enriching their business knowledge and also in the final round of a live discussion session held between the participants & professionals. 

By  taking part in this event, participants have been able to develop and deliver sustainable integrated strategies that provided them opportunities to collaborate with business professionals and refine their skills. 

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